Beautiful Shore
4 Bedroom Oceanfront Villa
Beautiful Shore is a beachfront villa which sits directly on Burgeaux Baie,
located in Beacon Hill on the Dutch side of the island. You will view stunning
sunsets while sipping your cocktail and enjoying the sound of the sea and the
breathtaking sky. Beautiful Shore is a 4 bedroom, 3 ½ bath villa with a wonderful
great room which overlooks the sea and has a Jacuzzi in this room.
It also has a pool and is air conditioned throughout. This villa is perfect for a
family holiday, or for couples just wanting to get away and enjoy the island life.  
The location of this villa is perfect for nightlife, restaurants, walking distance to
nearby beaches and casinos. Three bedrooms, 2 ½ baths are on the main level
and one bedroom with en suite bath are on the upper level. Maid Service 6x per
week except Sundays and Holidays
Add 9% for tax
Contact Jackie at

Please look into travel insurance to safe guard against emergencies of any kind.